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“I love REUNIFICATION – the structure, juxtapositions, poignancy and clear-eyed honesty… [Tsang's] work is so clear, sensitive and fine.”
-Meredith Monk, Composer, choreographer and director

“It’s a documentary unlike any I’ve seen – a film very clearly put together to say things through the language of film that the filmmaker is uncomfortable saying any other way… Of all the films I watched this year, REUNIFICATION is the film that’s come closest to feeling like A TRULY DISTINCT ASIAN-AMERICAN [FILM] LANGUAGE.

“As the greatest mass migration since World War II sweeps the planet, REUNIFICATION is a key contribution to the conversation. A bittersweet, masterful, nuanced portrait of a family’s quest for a life filled with more opportunity and the subsequent fall-out. SPARKS EMPATHY AND IMAGINATION — this is what documentary is built for.”
-Jessica Green, Director, Maysles Documentary Center

REUNIFICATION beautifully documents modern Asian American immigration from the brave, personal perspective of filmmaker Alvin Tsang. It is A MUST-SEE for anyone interested in understanding the struggles, sacrifices, and triumphs of the Asian community… Through the lens of Tsang’s family, torn apart in the transition to America, Tsang lets us see these people as individuals.”
-Aurorae Khoo, Writer of “Nurse Jackie” TV series

“A UNIVERSAL STORY about family, migration, and generations… Whether you are also a first generation American, have family members who don’t like to talk about the past, or have divorced parents, you’ll find a piece of yourself in Tsang’s journey… Everyone uses the tools that they have to try to make sense of their lives, but it is rare that other people have the opportunity to get such an intimate look at that pursuit.”
-Jaime Pond, Editor of

REUNIFICATION prompts thoughtful discussions about migration, memory, complicated family relationships, and the emotionally healing powers of art. It’s a documentary that challenges audiences to sit with an often uncomfortable subject matter, and the filmmaker rewards our trust by delivering us safely home.”
-Teresa Morrison, Grants Officer of College of Humanities, Cal State University, Northridge

“After studying Asian American independent cinema over the last two decades, Tsang’s work gives me a refreshing look into this growing field. I was truly impressed by the film’s intimacy, beautiful cinematography and poetic narration that gives a human face to the Asian immigrant story.”
-Dr. Jun Xing, Exec. Director of Asian & Asian American Institute, CSULA and author of “Asian America through the Lens: History, Representations & Identity”

REUNIFICATION is AN IMPORTANT RESOURCE FOR EDUCATORS interested in teaching about Asian American family, immigration, and psychology. Few documentary films focus on issues of Asian American divorce, mental health, and immigration struggles that span generations and treat these often difficult subjects with honesty, compassion and insight.”
-Dr. Eliza Noh, Professor of Asian American Studies, Cal State University, Fullerton

A POWERFUL FILM!… Such a story of a woman surviving and taking charge, and of her children being forced to work at an early age… with such a deep emotional cost of separation, even the risk of family breakup… are part of the price of living in America. Alvin Tsang brings to light the aspects of immigration that are often kept in the shadows.”
-Dr. Estella Habal, Professor Emeritus of San Jose State University, Asian American Studies

“Tsang skillfully takes his family, as well as his audience, with him on his JOURNEY OF HEALING AND MEANING-MAKING… noteworthy for its artistic use of a trauma narrative process that is imbued with hope.”
-Dr. Mary Boncher, Director of Mental Health Treatment Service, New York Foundling

“While divorce is quite a common occurrence in America, it is a subject rarely discussed in the Asian community… the dialogue is raw with emotion, but rich and rewarding to understand the how and why the parents parted ways.”
-Corky Lee, Undisputed, Unofficial Asian American Photographer Laureate

“…An emotional journey through the psychological and social implications of being a first generation immigrant. The burden that children of immigrants bear is oft overlooked, and director Alvin Tsang shines a spotlight on its dramatic effects. REUNIFICATION is a must-see for all Americans to gain a deeper understanding of what those in our communities have experienced, and what they carry within them.”
-Dana Sagona, Sr. Adult Librarian, New York Public Library, Chatham Square

REUNIFICATION is an unusually sensitive and honest story of immigration to the United States… a reflective film on how the filmmaker became himself, using his own story through cinema to delineate growth, by confronting one’s own life experience.”
-Stephen O. Lesser, Philanthropist, Stephen O. Lesser Endowment

REUNIFICATION offers a window into the feelings of shock and confusion of a young child struggling with immigration, divorce, and coping with integration into a completely different culture than that of his family. Seeing this film is the perfect experience for social work students and professionals to raise their awareness and hone their crucial skills of cultural competence in their work with clients.”
-Donna Robin, Licensed Clinical Social Worker